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Market Research

Market research provides invaluable data on which you can make more informed business decisions. Whether launching a new product, assessing a new marketplace, investigating people's buying behaviour, assessing future needs or understanding how to improve your customer service, market research can provide you with the information. Acer Marketing Communications offers you a cost-effective market research service with experience of providing you with information you need. We have experience in both qualitative research (understanding what people think and feel) and quantitative research (e.g. understanding how many of your customers buy or use a particular item).

There are many market research techniques from desk research, generally searching databases and literature, to field research that involves interviewing people. In addition to offering desk research, we are experienced at creating questionnaires to find the information you need, conducting the field interviews, analysing the data and writing comprehensive reports on the findings.

We conduct market research in accordance with the Market Research Society and are members of the Association of Qualitative Researchers (AQR). We also have trained focus group moderators.

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